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Define 開く 開ku Meaning 開ク

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Results from the 沖縄語辞典 データ集 Okinawago jiten dēta-shū
(Okinawan Dictionary Data Collection) (© CC BY 4.0) [Japanese→Okinawan]

あく 【開く】

ひらく 【開く】

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Results from the うちなーぐち活用辞典テキストデータベース Uchinaaguchi katsuyō jiten tekisuto dētabēsu (Dictionary of the Practical Use of Okinawan) (© CC BY-ND 3.0 DEED), by Shinsho Miyara. [Northern Ryukyuan: Okinawan]

あきーん (あきたん、あきらん、あきてぃ)

  • 開く
  • Example phrases
    • しゅむち あきーん/くーいん。

あちゅん (あちゃん、あかん、あち)

  • 明く、開く、空く
  • Example phrases
    • はしるぬ あちゅん。
    • やーぬ あちゅん。
    • たーん をぅらん。あちやー/からやー なとーん。
    • ふたぬ ふぃぢゃい まーし しん あかん むのー、っうぃーんかい ふぃっぱいねー あちゅさ。

くむん (くだん、くまん、くでぃ)

  • 切り開く
  • Example phrases
    • どぅーぬ みち くむん/くめー/くどーん。
    • どぅーぬ みちぬ なーだ くまってー をぅらん。
    • どぅーぬ みち くでーさ やー。

はっぱいん (はっぱたん、はっぱらん、はっぱてぃ)

  • 大きく見開く
  • Example phrases
    • みーや たーちなー むっちょーてぃ とぅめーうーさんどぅ ある ゐ? なーふぃん みー はっぱてぃ とぅめーれー。

ふらちゅん (ふらちゃん、ふらかん、ふらち)

  • 開く、吹かす
  • Example phrases
    • みー/はな/くち ふらちゅん。
    • とぅいぬ ぴーよーぐゎーや うやどぅいぬ かみむん むっちちゅーし くちぇー がーぶらちっし まっちょーん。
    • くたんでぃてぃ くち ふらち にんとーん。
    • はな ふらち

ふぃらちゅん (ふぃらちゃん、ふぃらかん、ふぃらち)

  • 開く
  • Example phrases
    • みみん ふぃらち っちゅぬ はなしぇー ゆー ちき よー やー。

Results from Jim Breen's Japanese dictionary (JMdict)
© Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group.


(Common Godan verb, intransitive)

  1. To open (e.g. doors)

  1. To open (e.g. business, etc.)

  1. To be empty

  1. To be vacant; To be available; To be free

  1. To be open (e.g. neckline, etc.)

  1. To have been opened (of one's eyes, mouth, etc.)

  1. To come to an end

(Common Godan verb, transitive)

  1. To open (one's eyes, mouth, etc.)

(Common Godan verb, intransitive)

  1. To have a hole; To form a gap; To have an interval (between events)


(Common Godan verb, intransitive)

  1. To open; To undo; To unseal; To unpack

  1. To bloom; To unfold; To spread out

  1. To open (for business, e.g. in the morning)

  1. To be wide (gap, etc.); To widen

(Common Godan verb, transitive)

  1. To hold (meeting, etc.); To give; To open

(Common Godan verb, intransitive)

  1. To found (nation, dynasty, sect, etc.); To open (a new business); To set up; To establish; To start

  1. To open (ports, borders, etc.)

  1. To open (an account)

  1. To open up (new land, path, etc.); To clear; To develop

  1. To open (a file, etc.)

  1. To extract (root); To reduce (equation)

  1. To cut open (fish)

  1. To change (kanji into hiragana)

  1. To flare (e.g. skirt)

  1. To slacken (into a poor posture)


(Godan verb, transitive)

  1. To open one's eyes wide


(Godan verb, transitive)

  1. To justify; To explain; To vindicate


(Godan verb, transitive)

  1. To clear (land); To open up; To cut through



  1. To have a hole; To be pierced (with a hole)


(Godan verb)

  1. To do something in public

  1. To open



  1. To start an act (of a play); To have curtains open; To have an (event, period of history, etc.) start



  1. To blossom; To flower; To bloom


(Godan verb)

  1. To push open



  1. To open up a path; To clear a path

  1. To open up doors; To pave the way



  1. To open a business



  1. To feel relieved; To forget about one's troubles; To settle into peace of mind
    Idiomatic expression



  1. To have time free; To have time to spare



  1. To open one's mouth (to talk)



  1. To show one's privates