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JLect: Japonic Languages and Dialects Database | English-Japanese Dictionary

Welcome to the JLect Japonic Language and Dialect Database. Use the search bar above to look up a term in the various languages and dialects of Japan. From Okinawa, to Kansai, to Hokkaido: discover a world of words, meanings, and etymologies.

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More than just an English-Japanese dictionary

Ojattamonse! Ever wondered what that charming Japanese woman was shouting at you when you entered her restaurant in the remote corners of the Kagoshima Prefecture? Ever tried watching a live performance from Kansai, but simply didn't get the humour?

JLect makes learning Japanese and learning Japanese dialects easy! This dictionary bridges the gap between standard Japanese and the many Japonic languages and dialects throughout Japan, so that you can keep up with what people are saying throughout your travels. Interested in an online Okinawan dictionary or a Japanese slang dictionary? We're working on it! Found something not listed? Send in your suggestions!

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