Japanese doesn't display correctly on Windows 7

  1. 8 years ago


    Jan 2014 Administrator

    For anyone having issues displaying Japanese characters in Windows 7 programs, you may want to check out this thread for a discussion on the matter .

    Essentially, it appears to be a bug between Windows and Chrome or Chromium-based browsers. To fix it, here's a quick work-around:

    1. Put a file with a Japanese name on your desktop (e.g. 火.txt)
    2. Restart Windows.

    Unicode should now display correctly in normal programs like Notepad. If it still doesn't work, consider checking out the other solution ideas in the link above.

    Webpages and websites only
    If the problem is related to certain Japanese webpages online, you may want to try switching the page encoding. To do this, click "Alt" and select "View" from the menu. Go to "Character Encoding" and try playing with "Japanese (EUC-JP)", "Japanese (Shift_JIS)" and "Unicode".

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