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 Kyushu (Kagoshima)

gowasu · gowansu /ɡowa(n̩)su/


Honorific copula

  1. To be; to exist; there is
    1. ほんごわす【本ごわす
      hon gowasu
      "It is a book"
    2. あいがとごわす
      aigato gowasu
      "Thank you"
    3. きれいなもんごわんさぁ【綺麗なもんごわんさぁ
      kirei na mon gowansaa
      "It is beautiful" (from the Kagoshima song "Chawan mushi no uta")
    4. さしかぶいごわす
      sashikabui gowasu
      "Long time no see"
    5. ごわんそごわんそ
      gowanso, gowanso
      "Right, right, uh huh"
    6. こんちゃらごわした
      konchara gowashita
      "Hello", "Good day"


Cognate to the Kagoshima variants: ごぁんす gwansu, ごわんす gowansu, ござす gozasu and ござんす gozansu. Ultimately related to the standard Japanese verb ござる【御座る】 gozaru and its polite variant ございます【御座います】 gozaimasu. Usage differences exist.


This verb is occasionally encountered in regular Japanese manga to show gratitude, respect and humbleness towards another speaker, while conveying a dialectal appeal. Due to influence from standard Japanese, the verb is now increasingly encountered with the particle で de preceding it.

Emphatic forms include: ごわんさー gowansaa, ごわんど gowan do and ごわんどな gowan do na.


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