Need short translation from Ryukyu

  1. 4 years ago

    I did met a girl in my city on her vacation, and now im talking to her online.
    I want to learn some Ryukyu so I can impress her.
    She told me
    "I have to go!
    See you later!
    わんねー うんじゅー てぃーしちうむとぅいびーん
    てぃーしち うむとぅいびーん"
    I did try to search in many places and I just couldnt find what it means.
    If someone helps me I will be very grateful.
    Thank you in advance :D

  2. Zachary

    Jul 2017 Administrator

    Hi Alvaro,

    I didn't realize you posted here as well, so I'll quote the response I gave by email in case anyone else reading this forum is curious:


    I am fairly certain that your friend wrote the following:

    wannee unju tiishichi umutuuibin.

    The Japanese equivalent would be:

    watashi wa anata wo taisetsu ni omotteimasu.

    In English, you could translate this as "I really cherish you", "I really care about you", "I really value you", "You are really important to me".

    Note that the second segment in your original post is just a repetition of the ending in the first, i.e. 'tiishichi umutuuibin' (to cherish, to value).

    All the best!

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