Looking for meaning of an unknown expression

  1. 7 years ago

    I have come upon an expression and I don't quite know which language it comes from (if it does). I've done extensive but superficial research online for each word on it's own, but I couldn't find any links between the words to make sense out of the whole expression. I don't speak japanese, and actually the only languages I speak are portuguese and english, although I have knowledge of some other languages.

    I don't have any context or additional info available to help, unfortunately.

    The expression is "nagamis teme". No other writing of that sentence is known to me, if it ever exists.

    I have, on my research, found that in Yoron there is a compound word which pronunciation is "nagamis" and means "rainy season", and I know from japanese cultural influences on western culture that "teme" is a negative way to refer to someone in a conversation, but it don't quite know if those two references make up a valid sentence or expression.

    Looking for more about Yoron words, I found JLect and I'm hoping that someone will be able to give me some help on this.

    I appreciate any help and thank in advance.

  2. Zachary

    Sep 2014 Administrator

    Hi kikoalemao,

    Without any context as to where you heard the expression, it would be difficult to pinpoint the language let alone the meaning of the phrase. While nagami does indeed mean "rainy season" in Yoron, the language of Yoron isn't spoken anywhere but the island itself, which only counts 5,263 inhabitants. So it's unlikely to be the source.

    Judging by what you've given me, here would be my propositions:

    • Namaste "Greetings" / "Goodbye" - Widely used in South Asia.
    • Nägemiseni "Goodbye" / "See you later" - Estonian
    • Nägemist "Goodbye" / "See you later" - Estonian

    The form nägemisteni also seems to exist, but it might be dialectal or non-standard. So my best guess would be that what you heard was Estonian for "goodbye".

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