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  1. 9 years ago


    Sep 2012 Administrator

    Over the course of the last week, some significant improvements to the dictionary's search engine have been made and it should now hopefully spit out some more relevant results.

    I plan on eventually incorporating an advanced search feature, but it may be some time before this. Happy searching!

  2. Zachary

    Oct 2012 Administrator

    It seems Japanese search results weren't showing up, so that's now been corrected.

  3. 8 years ago


    Oct 2012 Administrator

    An issue where certain search results were appearing multiple times has now been fixed.

  4. Zachary

    Feb 2013 Administrator

    A bug relating to the selection of search categories has now been fixed for Internet Explorer users. (^_^)/

  5. Zachary

    Feb 2013 Administrator
    Edited 7 years ago by Zachary

    Highlighting issues have now been resolved; this process will now be done server-side (via php) rather that client-side (js). I've also added an option to strictly limit the results to Japanese only (i.e. search in the kana-kanji names, or within the Japanese definitions).

    Future updates may include:

    • The possibility to search for some common misspellings (konichiwa > kon'nichiwa);
    • The ability to decompose conjugated forms (tabemasu > taberu), currently already available for the Okinawan language;
    • Automated verb and adjective charts in entries (update: limited availability for some Okinawan verbs);
    • Advanced search features;
    • Integration with the Tatoeba project for example sentences (ultimately expanding for dialectal examples);
    • Pitch accent marking, namely for standard Japanese;
    • The ability to report errors in entries or propose modifications;
    • The ability to submit words for verification and/or translation (with emailed update notification);
    • A mobile skin for users viewing the dictionary on a phone;
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  7. Zachary

    Mar 2013 Administrator
    Edited 8 years ago by Zachary

    A minor search exploit has been fixed, and archaisms are now labelled upfront, rather than solely within the entries, to avoid confusion.

    Since the last update, decomposed forms are now suggested for standard Japanese verbs and adjectives. So if you search 'tabemasu', it will suggest that you take a look at 'taberu'. Unfortunately, some searches can yield multiple suggestions, so it will be necessary to label the relation (e.g. something like: 'tabemasu' > 'taberu [base form]')

    March 3rd: A mobile skin has been added for users browsing on their phone. This skin can be disabled by scrolling towards the very bottom.

    March 11th: A few Okinawan verb types now reveal full conjugation charts. Check out the verb 書けゅん for example.

    March 18th: Vertical word representations in the form of images are now automatically generated in each entry.

    March 26th: Misspellings are now more clearly labelled on the search page as well as in entries.

    March 30th: I've finally decided to integrate Jim Breen's dictionary (JMdict ), for those words that can't be found in JLect's own dictionary.

    April 16th: 1) Minor revisions to the search function. Searches of less than two letters will default on kana search. 2) A few new coloured labels have been added, but will generally only be noticeable on newer entries.

  8. Zachary

    Apr 2013 Administrator
    Edited 8 years ago by Zachary

    Currently in the works: A Kanji drawing recognition tool.

  9. Zachary

    Jun 2013 Administrator
    Edited 5 years ago by Zachary

    June 13th: The Kanji recognition tool is currently about 50% complete. I expect to put up a beta version within the next month or two.

    June 23rd: Some minor improvements to the mobile search site have been made to reduce clutter and improve searching. I've also decided I would create a basic Google Chrome plugin for easy lookup.

    July 6th: The JLect dictionary search has been slightly modified to improve English results and to allow for some Japanese misspellings. I also plan on soon integrating data from Wikipedia to complement the existing database.

    August 7th: Since the last update, Wikidata has been integrated into the dictionary. The JLect Chrome plugin has been ported to Opera. And various modifications have been made in order to improve search results, especially for short words.

    August 8th: The mobile interface has been updated to better match the changes brought to the regular interface. The JMdict should also be brought up to date within the next week, with improved sorting hopefully.

    August 13th: The JMdict has been updated and some minor fixes have been made.

    August 18th: A slight improvement to the sort order of JMdict results has been made. Hopefully it should now output better results for English queries.

    October 5th: The entire forum software has been updated. It should work a lot better now!

    December 2nd: 1) You can now report errors in JLect's entries or suggest modifications. 2) The dictionary will start suggesting results for user spelling mistakes (work in progress).

    December 25th: Updated JMdict data and provided a minor fix for better sorting (hopefully).

    January 1st 2014: (1) Brought some major changes to the layout of the JMdict data, as well as some speed improvements. (2) Updated the Wikidata.

    March 26, 2016: Updated JMdict database.

    April 21st 2014: (1) Minor bug fix for those using tablets or iPads. The layout should now be the same as desktop view. (2) The new layout designed is still being developed and refined, but there is progress being made.


    • An updated website design that should be more legible. It'll also allow you to search for Kanji by radical or draw them on a canvas.
    • Integration with the Tatoeba Project, to provide example sentences.
    • Adjustments and updates to the JMdict data.
    • Update of the Wikidata.
    • Addition of the names dictionary (JMnedict).

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